Typical Solutions

 A company doing business of alcohol drinks has many distributors and sellers. It is required to make every bottle of drink trackable (Anti-Cross-Territory-Selling) and the consumer may identify the Anti-Forgery Code (Anti-Forgery), and the consumer may get lottery cash by giving back the lottery Ticket.

So a package tag used for scanning the ACTS Code at delivery may have the pattern as below:

The anti-forgery tag adhered to the connection part of the bottle cap may be designed as below:

The lottery-ticket tag adhered on the bottle cap may look like as below:

The steps for the whole process are as follows:
 (1)Make an order to Benow, Benow will arrange the production of the tags(3 Anti's);
 (2)The company gets the tags from Benow, and attach them to the products.
 (3)Scan the package tags, specify the destinations and related properties of the
 (4)Distributors or Sellers sell out the products, scan the tags, get lottery data from the
  system database of the company head office.
 (5)Sellers or retailers cash lottery tickets by accessing to the database of the distributor
  or seller.
 (6)The distributor or seller sends "Cashed Lottery" message to update the database of
  the company head office.
 (7)The company will pay the distributor or seller according to the lottery tickets cashed.