Why it is needed?

Many companies intend to improve the market occupation rate by adopting boosting selling activities. So they assign certain amount of lottery to some of the products or even all of the products. The lottery is normally assigned to a ticket. If the ticket is not with anti-counterfeiting properties, it may be imitated easily. This may bring losses to the activity sponsor or bear great law risks. To solve this problem, Anti-Fake-lottery-Ticket is called out at the right time.

How it works?

As each lottery ticket is assigned with an Anti-Forgery Code and a Ticket-ID code(just like the Product-ID code), the ticket becomes non-reproduceable. At the lottery cashing, an operator scans the ticket_ID code with a scanner, identify the code with the system database. That's it!

Why it works

As every ticket has an individual ticket-ID code, if two tickets have the same ticket-ID code, it means at least one of them must be an imitation. The answer could be found by investigating who provided the imitation ticket!

How to Get Benow Anti-Fake-lottery-Ticket Service?

The enterprise needs to build up the Anti-Fake-lottery-Ticket system, as the lottery information is sensitive.