Why it is needed?

Anti-Forgery is very critical in China as well as in the rest of the world. An enterprise makes great efforts to promote a new product into the market, as the forgery makers may spend very little for making the imitations and gain great benefit. On the other hand, the consumers pay but do not get what they intend to buy. To protect the interests of the manufacturers and consumers, an Anti-Forgery mechanism is required and utilized at the right time.

How it works?

The Anti-Forgery System can generate a digital code for each piece of product, then the digital code (invisible before sold-out) is assigned to each piece of product with a tag or printing on its package by using a jet printer, the consumer could make a phone call, send a short message with a mobile phone, or visit a specific Website to identify the digital code. If the code is identified as genuine, then the system will acknowledge the consumer with the "Genuine" message; if the code is invalid, acknowledging with "Bad Anti-Forgery Code" message; if the code has been identified before, informing the consumer with message "The digital code was identified at XX year XX Month XX Day XX Hour XX Minute. Be careful, it might be an imitation." If a code has been identified over many times by different phone numbers, the system will give "Code Suspicious" warning, the system may generate the list of calling numbers to the manufacturer for investigating.

Why it works

If a piece of product is counterfeited, at least it should be with a tag as the genuine product. If the code is invalid, no problem, the consumer immediately know it is an imitation. As each piece of product has an individual digital code(Why Digital Code? An ordinary telephone set has only digits buttons). If the code is identified by the system, it will be recorded in the system database. If another call comes to check the same code, it will also be recorded in the system database. This is the clue to trace the forgery! No matter which product is an imitation, it will be made clear who has sold out the imitation!

How to Get Benow Anti-Forgery Service?

Normally a tag need to be attached to a product package, so the customers need to order the tags from Benow company. The tag customized for a specific enterprise may contain these items:
(1) Company Logo;
(2) How to make you see the Invisible Anti-Forgery code(i.e, scrape the coat or pick off the tag);
(3) How to identify the Anti-Forgery code(phone number, Short Message Service number or a Website);
In addition to this, the tag could also adopt some other special anti-counterfeiting technologies, like micro-photography, colour diverse upon temperature etc.
For highly automated production lines, attaching tags manually may not be adapted. It might be a good solution to print the anti-forgery code on the product package surface by introducing jet-printers. In this case, the manufacturer needs to order the anti-forgery codes from Benow company.